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Read the instructions carefully before any installation.
Arzerezh cannot be held responsible for any damage caused by improper assembly or use of the product.
The warranty is only valid when the appliance has been installed by a licensed electrician.

Important steps:

1. Power must be turned off when installing the unit.

2. All handling of the facade must be done with great care. Never put the marble on its facade at the risk of damaging it.

3. Make sure to use the screws supplied with the device for fixing it, otherwise the installation of the front could be compromised.

4. The wiring must be in accordance with the diagram provided and corresponding to the device installed.

5. When testing the device for touch functionality, be sure to wait ten seconds after powering up to allow time for the computer chip to calibrate the sensors.

In the case of "1gang 2way" touch switches it is necessary to synchronize the devices between them, to do so you must have correctly installed all the switches of the chain (and have waited the 10 seconds mentioned above) then you must place your hand on the first device until you hear a beep, repeat this operation with each other device connected to it in order to synchronize them.

6. If the functionality test is carried out without a front panel, it is important to cut the power again before installing the marble surface in order to reset the chip and thus repeat step n ° 5.

Maintenance of marble:

Attention, do not forget that it is primarily an electrical device, avoid excess water when cleaning, a slightly damp cloth is more than enough.
Never use an acid product. (example: white vinegar)
Never use abrasive surfaces (example: scraper of a sponge)
Never use distilled water.
Using a soft, natural cloth is strongly recommended. (example: cotton)
It is advisable to use specific "marble" products available on the market.
Always dry the marble well with a soft, dry cloth to avoid any traces in the long term.
If over the years and the use of the marble becomes tarnished, you can contact us to have the facade restored.


The electronics are guaranteed for 10 years subject to correct use, replacement upon presentation of the invoice and the defective device.

Technical parameters:

1. Dimension: 90mm * 90mm * 40mm   /   Facade dimension: 90mm*90mm*10mm

2. Voltage: AC220-250V

3. Maximum intensity: 5A

drive version: 2A

4. Total nominal load: 1000W

dimmer version: 500W

5. Self-consumed power: <0.1mA

6. Operating environment: -30 ~ 70 ° C, <95% RH

7. Mechanical life: 100,000 uses

Note: incompatible with ballast, induction and neon lamps.

If your lamp is less than 25 W (most LED lamps), a "lighting adapter" is required.

Switch wiring diagram:

Simple, Timer, Dimmer, "Push":

Back and forth: