Light control touch switches

With unmatched user comfort and a sober and exclusive aesthetic, the Arzerezh touch switches offer an elegant association between tradition and modernity.


  • Marble switches

    Designed with total comfort in mind, Arzerezh marble switches offer smooth use.

    With a flick of the hand, a simple touch, everything lights up.

    Simple and elegant, they will delight you every day.

  • Onyx switches

    All the comfort and softness of Arzerezh touch switches clad in a luxurious and exclusive stone.

  • Limitied editions...

    Tactile marble switches are by definition all unique, however the limited series go even further in exclusivity by offering you facades from very specific vein within certain rocks.

    As a result, and unlike other marble switches, the limited series are in very limited quantities and impossible to recreate.

  • Deco touch switch

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